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Prosthesis in Prague

Cerec ceramic crowns
in just one appointment - 290 €!

For more than 2 years we have been using digital impressions protocol, with the use of intraoral scanners Trios and Omnicam.

Using the TRIOS system, we can manufacture crowns on previously installed implants from manufacturers such as: Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, Dentsply, Biomet 3i, Medentika, Camlog, Bredent, Bego.

5 years warranty for complex prosthetics.

Special offer for patients

  • with allergies;
  • suffering from bruxism;
  • with contraindications for dental implant surgery:

Manufacturing of full ceramic crowns and bridges,
using the highly aesthetic zirconium oxide NORITAKE in one visit,
within 2 working days.

The combination of Japanese technology and German quality!

Aesthetic prosthetics – a piece of art and a whole philosophy, which finds its expression in perfect shape, the formation of flawless lines and excellent aesthetics. The combination of many years of craftsmanship and skills with innovative digital dental technology allows us to recreate not only a stunning visual effect, but also to restore chewing function. Great value we attach to detail, form and microform in the manufacture of veneers, ensuring perfect integration into living tissue. At the same time with the analysis of shapes, colors and aesthetic qualities of the teeth, we take into account the state of the surrounding tissues, which ultimately provides us with the key to success. The presence of the appropriate professional competence and support of trained collective allow us to successfully solve the most difficult problems of patients, even in the most severe and neglected cases. Human teeth are very diverse, multi-colored and can tell a lot about the life and personality.

We are happy to help you solve problems and make a step forward to a perfect smile!

Viktor Levchenko,
chief of the BioDent clinic

All submitted works are manufactured in the clinic BioDent

Benefits of aesthetic veneers

  • Aesthetic veneers are a common result of the dentist, patient and dental technician but the last decisive word remains on the patient.
  • Working with leading beauticians who cooperate with the industry of dental prosthetics, to achieve the best results.
  • Price doesn't depend on the shade of veneers, which the patient chooses.
  • Esthetic veneers are a kind of long-term prosthetic solutions.
Implant prosthetics Implant prosthetics
Hollywood Smile Hollywood Smile
Complete dental prosthetics Complete dental prosthetics

Aesthetic work – Hollywood smile

  • Ideal of aesthetics and symmetry in the field of dentistry is Bleach color in four shades
  • 70% of our work is made in these shades
  • The most socially prominent people nowadays are choosing color of their smile in these shades
  • The price of the finished product is not dependent on the shade of the teeth

Our works – prosthesis by veneers

What influences the choice of dental clinics

  1. Portfolio of the works available on the website.
  2. The ability to compare a review of patients who already are clients of the clinic and decided to share their opinion and results.
  3. The dental laboratory is part of a dental clinic.
  4. Diagnosis and treatment are provided with the modern equipment.
  5. Skilled team with years of experience in the field of dentistry, surgery and prosthetic.

Benefits aesthetic prosthesis without preparation

  • Completely without preparation of hard dental tissues, or only minimal invasion
  • Painless procedure without anesthesia
  • Maximum protection of hard dental tissues
  • The minimum time spent in the dentist's chair
  • Adhesive fixation
  • High aesthetics and quality
  • Dental restaurant with a long-life

Exclusive No-prep technology

In the manufacturing process of aesthetic veneers without preparation we are working with a modern method which consists in analyzing the occlusion field. Using equipment called Arcus Digma can be registered central location of jaw with minimal deflection. We get the strength of bite which is required for the preparation of biting surface in the mandible, as well as to overlay existing teeth without preparation in the upper jaw. In most cases in the upper jaw is necessary to make 10 veneers without preparation of the teeth, molars (it means 6,7,8) are adapted to the shape of biting surface in the lower jaw. In case of applying these methodologies can be changed the color of teeth and tooth shape without preparation.

The estimated cost of prosthetics

1. Full-ceramic crown CAD / CAM Cerec 290 €
2. Zirconium full-anatomic CAD / CAM Noritake 290 €
3. Composite temporary crown CAD / CAM Cerec 40 €
4. Ceramic veneers manufactured in the laboratory 490 €
5. Aesthetic ceramic crown zirconium oxide 490 €

Dental crowns per one visit 290 €
CEREC Posterior

Exclusive decision – the restoration of posterior teeth using the ceramic restorations: crowns, inlays and veneers for only 290 €.

In one visit you can also make not only the detached crowns and bridge constructions.

The absence of uncomfortable stage of impression taking is especially true for patients suffering from high gag reflex. Thanks Cerec OmniCam in the mouth we get a three-dimensional "cast of teeth." The doctor on the screen simulates a future restoration or dental bridge. The future crown or inlay are grinding from whole-block of ceramic to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter. A wide range of colors allows you to create restorations are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth of the patient.

Advantages of CEREC technology:

Saving time
- All prosthetics carried out per one visit.

- Computer technologies allow to create exact design that is securely anchored to prepared tooth.

Perfect contact between your teeth
- Eliminates the risk of secondary caries.

The structure of the inlay material (high quality porcelain)
- As close as possible to the structure of tooth enamel.

Ceramic tab is not only stronger, but also on the order more aesthetic of any fillings
- In addition, it does not form plaque, and it does not irritate the gums.

CAD / CAM Cerec system – a device for aesthetic ceramic restorations for making inlays, crowns, bridges and veneers in one visit.

Using zirconium oxide in our practice

Depending on the positive characteristics of zirconia, it is applied as one of the main materials in the production of bridges. Furthermore, also in cases where it is necessary join adjacent teeth, or if it is necessary to remake structures which were originally made of metal ceramic. Among the uses of zirconia also belongs milling CEREC system.

We turn to zirconia with a high degree of transparency (40%), also in cases of high caries rate of teeth and in patients suffering from bruxism. These structures allow the increase in pressure on the bite to 900 MPa.

Complete aesthetic prosthetics

From distance

  1. Analysis of patient-submitted photographs and a OPG picture by e-mail with the localization of the teeth, or other aesthetic requirements, such as the future shape and shade of the teeth.
  2. Consultation over the phone or via e-mail with a doctor or dental technician regarding the patient's requirements.
  3. Budget and treatment plan.

Visiting clinics personally

First visit – Diagnosis:

  • Reconstruction of the situation in the mouth by using plaster models made through impressions
  • Registration of facial arc
  • Taking pictures or video protocol
  • Computer Tomography
  • Analysis of the models in the articulator

Second visit – Presenting Work

  • Wax-up design shape of the teeth
  • Mock-up performance of the future appearance of the teeth in the oral cavity
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Signing contract

Third Visit

  • Treatment of tooth, preparation for implantation
  • Tooth preparation if necessary (the work is done without any disruption to hard dental tissue in most cases)
  • Making veneers of the final material - laboratory step
  • Adhesive fixation of veneers or crowns
  • Control of bite by using the T-scan
  • Finishing and production of protective splint
  • Photo and video protocol





Our works – prosthesis by veneers

Modern devices used in our clinic

  • Computer tomography (Gendex)
  • Arcus Digma – Functional Diagnostics
  • Intraoral scanner Cerec CAD / CAM
  • Anatomical modulator Ka Vo PROTARevo
  • Articulator Artex Amanngirbach
  • KARL KAPS microscope
  • T-scan-electronic diagnostics occlusion and articulation
  • Kiln Programat EP 5000 Ivoclar Vivadent
  • Computer Tech anesthesia-STA – anesthetic Delivery
  • Professional bleaching with ZOOM lamp 3 Advance Power
  • Professional photographic equipment Canon


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